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    Insurance Litigation & Defense

    The Orlando insurance defense attorneys at HRKM Law provide outstanding legal defense and representation for disputes of all kinds and complexities. Our insurance defense firm stays up to date on the latest statutory and regulatory developments. We have extensive experience with insurance litigation throughout Orange County, including:

    • Part A injury & property matters
    • Part B commercial claims
    • Bad faith & coverage issues

    Our legal team is comprised of highly skilled insurance lawyers with extensive backgrounds in civil litigation and insurance defense. We are here to explain every issue and help you choose between negotiating a favorable settlement or taking the case to trial.

    HRKM Business Law Civil Litigation

    Insurance Lawyers in Orlando, FL

    HRKM Law offers proactive strategies and comprehensive legal advice for various claims from property and injury to liability, copyright, and much more. We strive to ensure the highest level of protection, confidentiality, and results for every client whether you are the insurer or the policyholder.

    General Liability

    HRKM Law delivers knowledgeable counsel and representation for a complete range of insurance defense issues. Unlike other firms that limit this practice area to property and injury claims, our attorneys provide comprehensive advice for other types of liability as well as copyright and libel cases. Our experience in litigating cases gives our clients an advantage whether they choose to negotiate or take a case to trial.

    Premises Liability

    Premises liability makes up a large percentage of the cases our firm handles at a given time. All of our attorneys have significant experience in litigating premises liability cases and have successfully tried such cases in front of a jury. This knowledge comes from many years of representing insurance companies, insureds, restaurants, homeowners, amusement parks, and national retail chains.

    Auto Liability

    All of our insurance attorneys have years of experience representing defendant drivers in automobile accident cases. Whether your case involves auto negligence, uninsured motorist, or personal injury protection, we have hands-on experience litigating these cases through jury trial. We regularly represent insured parties in automobile cases ranging from low policy limit to soft tissue cases to significant injury or death.

    Product Liability

    Our product liability attorneys have defended cases alleging various types of product defects including manufacture, design, failure to warn, and breach of warranty. We represent not only manufacturers but also retailers who sell the alleged defective product(s) in defect cases including recreational products, gas grills, automobiles, home appliances, electrical equipment, watercrafts, and food.

    Liquor Liability

    Central Florida is a place where people know how to enjoy themselves with great food and cocktails. However, when our relaxed atmosphere results in patrons who have had too much to drink, it can become a huge liability. If customers leave a bar or restaurant after consuming too many drinks and someone is injured in a car accident or physical altercation, the result can be deadly and even become a lawsuit.