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    Construction Law & Disputes

    Our team of Orlando construction litigation attorneys handle a broad scope of construction law cases and disputes. Florida is a rapidly growing hub of new businesses, and construction is crucial for growing their enterprises. Our talented lawyers have handled a diverse range of construction claims throughout Orange County, Florida. We have the expertise necessary to successfully litigate all types of claims, including but not limited to:

    • Chinese drywall claims
    • Construction & mechanic’s lien claims
    • Construction defect claims
    • Construction delay claims
    • Contract & payment disputes

    Construction litigation is more complex than ever with the emerging demand for green policies and enhanced building security. Construction law involves several parties. Construction litigation is a practice area we are well-versed in, and our team of attorneys is ready to assist you with potential legal questions and business disputes.

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    Construction Lawyers in Orlando, FL

    The potential for legal liability in construction is immense, and the right Orlando construction lawyer is crucial to your success. Construction projects face many various challenges from political uncertainty to financial constraints, tight deadlines, design changes, and ongoing developments in the laws.

    Liability & Defect

    Construction projects are complex and potentially dangerous; construction defects pose a significant threat to the success of a project. Defect lawsuits are a common type of case in the Central Florida area. Our experienced construction lawyers can guide you through the entire process.

    Construction Delays

    Construction delays can be a result of defects, excessive change orders, abandonment, payment issues, and more. Navigating these claims can be a complicated and demanding process. Our attorneys are available and prepared to advise and represent you or your business.

    Breach of Contract

    Our construction law firm has decades of experience with representing individuals, professionals, property owners, and business owners in a range of contract dispute matters. Every contract is different and each one needs to be closely examined when there is an alleged breach.

    Construction & Mechanic’s Liens

    State legislature enacted the Florida Construction Lien Law to protect the rights of all parties during the construction process including owners, contractors, and subcontractors. Our Orlando construction lawyers are here to help you successfully file and process any lien claims.