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    Business Law & Civil Litigation

    Business is more complex now than ever before with new rules, regulations, and legal liabilities being introduced every day. Evolving technologies and security challenges have raised new questions across breakrooms and boardrooms. Our Orlando commercial litigation attorneys are here to help business owners navigate this new landscape. We have experience in most commercial litigation practice areas, including but not limited to:

    • Contract disputes
    • Intellectual property litigation
    • Construction litigation
    • Negligence & malpractice claims
    • Corporate & partnership dissolutions
    • Domain name disputes

    Together, Chris Hill and Steve Main have 30 years of experience in commercial litigation. That experience has been augmented with the addition of Congressman Ric Keller to our legal team. Ric worked as a prominent litigator before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. Ric represented Central Florida in Congress from 2001 – 2009 where he served on the Intellectual Property and Commercial Law subcommittees.

    HRKM Business Law Civil Litigation

    Commercial Lawyers in Orlando, FL

    Our first course of action is to attempt to resolve the conflict without litigation. We work together with clients and involved parties to reach a resolution through arbitration. If a fair resolution cannot be reached, we will be your advocate throughout the trial process, whether the issue is a new contract, partnership dispute, or employment issue. Based out of Orlando, Florida, HRKM Law is committed to making your life easier during the course of a lawsuit.

    Business Disputes

    We offer legal services for business litigation matters including but not limited to breach of contract, partnership disputes, B2B disputes, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) violations, real estate disputes, employee agreements, shareholder disputes, and violations of fiduciary duty.

    Construction Litigation

    From contracts and inspection reports to property line disputes and construction accidents, the potential for legal liability in construction is sizable. The right attorney is critical to the success of any project, small or large. HRKM Law has the expertise to help clients mitigate these challenges.

    Intellectual Property

    Obtaining a patent, trademark, or copyright is the first step in a commercial market that is global and electronic. Disputes or claims at the arbitration level can escalate to full litigation. The presence of a knowledgeable lawyer by your side can streamline the process and get you back to work.

    Patent Claims

    Chris Hill has litigated patent actions both at the District Court level and on appeal before the Federal Circuit. Chris has obtained favorable jury verdicts on multiple occasions when representing an individual inventor against a Fortune 500 Company and national defense counsel.

    Copyrights & Trademarks

    Our corporate attorneys work cases for all areas of trademark litigation including claims for injunctive relief and seizure of counterfeit goods. HRKM has also been involved in internet domain name disputes, trademark, trade name, and service mark cases throughout Central Florida.

    Theme Park Litigation

    Orange County is home to some of the best theme parks in the world. However, when the combination of crowds, unusual architecture, and thrill rides turns deadly, legal action is usually unavoidable. We help navigate responsibility and compensation while protecting your best interests.